Still Lives at Manzanita
by Robert Adams
Publisher's Description
The house in which my parents lived stands at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain, from which the first photograph was made. Their ashes are buried on Nehalem Spit, visible in the distance. My mother especially loved the Spit for what was then its profusion of wild strawberries, and when she was no longer able to walk there we enjoyed bringing them back to her. All of the photographs were made on a return to the town of Manzanita, the interiors at a motel kitchen counter and table. “There is no first, or last, in Forever – It is Centre, there, all the time” (Emily Dickinson). — from the Introduction by Robert Adams

Serving as a companion book to Adams’s previous titles, I Hear the Leaves and Love the Light and A Portrait in Landscapes, this beautiful and touching new artist’s book takes as its tangible subject a bowl of fresh fruit, a clear glass of water, a feather, a stone and shells, cupping them all in memories and light. Printed in a first edition of 500 copies, Still Lives at Manzanita is bound in Japanese cloth, with the artist’s 1970s linoleum cut “Neahkahnie Mountain” reproduced on the front jacket.
ISBN: 1590051548
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 44 pages
Language: English
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