Joseph Mills

Lilly's Waist.
by Joseph & MARS, E. MILLS
Publisher's Description
her skin were dark would she feel this way? Would the fibrous connections, as binding as high tension cables, have saddled her to her kin and their ways, given her placement in the universe, made her a tiny button on the fabric of her people, secure to contemplate all that mysterious depth and distance of the bowl of heavens under which she slept? Or, being a woman, would her secret heart have remain forbidden in the fixedness of her people’s ways?

Lilly’s Waist is based on a literary work by the artist e. mars. The handwritten manuscript, with drawings, is reproduced on the pages of this book, culminating in a collage by Joseph Mills created especially for this project.
ISBN: 1590051580
Publisher: Nazraeli
Hardcover : 16 pages
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