A Portrait In Landscapes
by Robert Adams
Publisher's Description
Kerstin Adams has often accompanied her husband Robert when he has photographed the rural West. On those trips he would sometimes turn, after making a picture of the landscape, and make another that included her. “Kerstin loves the forest and prairie and shore,” Adams writes, “which is part of my love for her. When we are there, portraiture and landscape seem one; she shares nature’s glory, and nature is warmed by her caring.” A Portrait in Landscapes reproduces a selection of these linked pictures, together with related views. They span almost 40 years, and most have not been published before. Two of the photographs are of Kerstin reading. This volume might itself be understood as a letter. The pictures reproduced in this book record their affection for the places they have been, and for each other. The first printing of A Portrait in Landscapes sold out upon publication; we are delighted to offer a second printing of 500 copies. A Portrait in Landscapes is printed in duotone on matte art paper and bound in Japanese cloth. This beautiful little book offers a heartwarming testament to the power of human love.
ISBN: 1590051602
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover Language: English
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