Julius Shulman

Vest Pocket Pictures
by Julius Shulman
Publisher's Description
Before we can run, we must learn to walk. The photographs reproduced in this book represent some of Julius Shulman’s earliest steps as a photographer. Dating from the early to mid 1930s, these are his personal snapshots, intimate keepsakes of family and friends. Several reveal his youthful yet prophetic fascination with architecture and modernity, subjects that have defined his career as a professional photographer for the past 70 years. What becomes apparent in these early pictures, many taken while attending college in Los Angeles and Berkeley, California, is Shulman’s gifted eye for composition. Here, he has captured the silhouette of a human form flowing into the landscape, similarly the way lines and shadows converge to form the volumes in his images of buildings. Vest Pocket Pictures is the first book devoted solely to his earliest photographs, before he chose photography as his lifelong profession in 1936. These first footsteps foreshadowed the giant strides he made to establish architectural photography as the vibrant and instructive art form it is today.
ISBN: 1590051629
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 77 pages
Language: English
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