Yuichi Hibi

A Weekend with Mr. Frank: One Picture Book #35
by Yuichi Hibi
Publisher's Description
A Weekend with Mr. Frank comprises 6 photographs of Robert Frank at work and play in front of the camera, made by Yuichi Hibi during a visit to the reclusive artist’s home in Novia Scotia. Hibi’s first book, Imprint, established him as one of the great new photographic talents to come from Japan. Shortly after moving to the United States out of Japan, Hibi met, and was quickly befriended by, the subject of this out-of-nowhere book. His contribution to our One Picture Book series is an important addition both to the series itself, and to the literature available on the legendary Robert Frank.
ISBN: 1590051637
Publisher: Nazraeli Press
Hardcover : 16 pages
Language: English
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