Neil Selkirk

by Neil Selkirk
Publisher's Description
Dispatched in the fall of 2005 to photograph Washington lobbyists for a photo essay, Neil Selkirk found himself immersed in a completely unexpected world of driven idealists and technocrats (in addition to some who conformed to a more traditional notion of the calling). The resulting 60 portraits, with accompanying biographical information, provide much food for thought for both the cynic and the dispassionate observer ¡V there is indeed someone here for everyone. As Selkirk writes in his introduction ¡'If for every interest there seems to be a lobbyist, it would be logical for the world of lobbying to be a microcosm of the world itself ¡V and, in my recent experience, it more or less is. The most effective people in these pictures are at work practically every waking moment. Whatever drives them, their seriousness of purpose is palpable, enviable, and daunting. What they give to what they do may verge on zealotry. Or even madness.'
ISBN: 1590051696
Publisher: Nazraeli Pr
Hardcover : 83 pages
Language: English
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