Twinka Ishiwata-Pichler

One Picture Book: Desperately Seeking Twinka
by Twinkako Ishiwata Editors of Nazraeli Press & Pichler
Publisher's Description
The ginger-and-white Twinka, born into an undomesticated family in El Cerrito, California in 1994, is well-known around the Nazraeli Portland office by artists who come to work on their books. Desperately Seeking Twinka is a visual diary of Twinka in conversation with, and in the laps and arms of, dozens of artists she has questioned over the years – Robert and Kerstin Adams, Lee Friedlander, Toshio Shibata, Anne Tucker, Ron van Dongen, Jerry Uelsmann, Naoya Hatakeyama, Michael Kenna, Camille Solyagua, and Masao Yamamoto, to name but a few – as she seeks out her namesake, Twinka Thiebaud. The book ends with an original print of Twinka and Twinka meeting face-to-face in the garden.
ISBN: 1590051750
Publisher: Nazraeli Press, Tucson, AZ
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