Todd Hido: Excerpts from Silver Meadows
by Todd Hido
Publisher's Description
Todd Hido is one of the most widely recognized and influential photographic artists of our time. Silver Meadows is the name of a street that runs through the neighborhood in Kent, Ohio where the artist grew up. The setting of Hido’s childhood, it also became the creative wellspring for his work. Here, it serves as a point of departure for Hido’s reexamination of a Midwestern suburban upbringing; ‘a trip through the innocence of childhood and adolescence and into the darker aspects of life beyond.’ Beautifully printed on matt Japanese art paper, and featuring an ‘installation’ of tipped-in images on the case binding, “Excerpts from Silver Meadows” is printed in a first edition of 3,000 copies. A special edition with an signed and numbered original print is also available.

About the Limited Edition
The limited editon is sold out and no longer available for order.
ISBN: 1590053680
Publisher: Nazraeli Press
Hardcover Language: English
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