Errol Morris

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Believing Is Seeing: Observations on the Mysteries of Photography
by Errol Morris
Publisher's Description
''Believing Is Seeing' is an important book: It reminds us, at a time when it is remarkably easy to manipulate images and we are daily inundated with more and more of them, to ask: 'What, after all, are we looking at?'' -'Wall Street Journal' '(A)n elegantly conceived and ingeniously constructed work of cultural psycho-anthropology wrapped around a warning about the dangers of drawing inferences about the motives of photographers based on the split-second snapshots of life that they present to us. It's also a cautionary lesson for navigating a world in which, more and more, we fashion our notions of truth from the flickering apparitions dancing before our eyes.' -'Los Angeles Times' 'Morris' assiduous and profound inquiry into the relationship between reality and photography is eye-opening, mind-expanding, and essential in this age of ubiquitous digital images.'
ISBN: 1594203016
Publisher: Penguin Press HC, The
Hardcover : 336 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.1 x 1.1 inches
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