Peter Feldstein

The Oxford Project
by Peter Feldstein
Publisher's Description
In the storytelling tradition of Studs Terkel and the photographic spirit of Mike Disfarmer, The Oxford Project tells the extraordinary true tale of a seemingly ordinary Midwestern town through the pictures and words of its residents. Equal parts art, American history, cultural anthropology, and human narrative—The Oxford Project is at once personal and universal, surprising and predictable, simple and profound.

The Project began almost twenty-five years ago, when Peter Feldstein undertook the remarkable task of photographing nearly every resident of his town, Oxford, Iowa (pop. 676). The collection of photographs that resulted is a fascinating glimpse into the ethos and character of small-town life. In those stark, full-body images Feldstein managed to capture not only the visage of rural America, but a sense of its underlying spirit.

Two decades later Feldstein did it again, re-photographing as many of the original residents as he could locate. But this time, his neighbors didn't just pose, they talked. With astonishing honesty, the people of Oxford shared their memories, fantasies, failures, secrets, and fears with Feldstein and writer Stephen G. Bloom, who compiled their words into the poignant, short, first-person narratives that accompany their portraits. Each one is a reminder that the most compelling and unusual stories are always the truest.
ISBN: 1599620480
Publisher: Welcome Books
Hardcover : 264 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 10 x 13 x 1.2 inches
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