The Big Picture: America in Panorama
by Luc Sante
Publisher's Description
At the turn of the twentieth century, photographic technology and an American culture of optimism and self-celebration combined to create to what Luc Sante calls the strange and compelling medium of panoramic group photography. Organizations famed and obscure, from the Anti-Saloon League of America to the troops at Camp Sevier during The Great War to the members of the Midget Swing Review, commissioned photographers to produce images that sometimes encompassed a full 360 degrees. No public event, a circus, a train wreck, or the Army-Navy football game, was too grand or obscure to deserve its own wide-angle commemoration. The photographs compose a portrait of a society on the cusp of sweeping change, as their details preserve the enduring humanity of their subjects: a bathing beauty tosses her curls; a group of cross-dressing women smile enigmatically at an off-camera friend; children at play on a summertime lawn appear only as blurs behind an Ohio town meeting. The Big Picture gathers nearly 100 of these fascinating images, most never before published, bringing the shared experience of American history to life from the late nineteenth century to the WWII era.
ISBN: 1616891653
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Hardcover : 143 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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