Collecting Photography
by Gerry Badger
Publisher's Description
Let it be stated right now: there is no book available on the in-and-outs of collecting photography. Not a one. If you are lucky, you have clipped a magazine article here and there over the past decade, which may outline certain trends in photography in recent years, or which may offer generic guidelines to collecting art in general. But aside from that, we have all had to garner information from a multitude of sources, using gut instinct as the best measure for when and where to purchase fine-art photography. Now all that has changed. Collecting Photography is written and compiled by a renowned researcher and historian, and presents the information in an extremely useful format, with chapters on The Art of Photography, Building a Collection, a detailed discussion of various print types, and an entire section on the display, care and restoration of photographic prints.
ISBN: 1840007265
Publisher: MITCH
Hardcover : 200 pages
Language: English
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