Revelation: Representations of Christ in Photography
by Nissan N. Perez
Publisher's Description
Compiled by Nissan Perez, the curator of photography at the Israel Museum, Revelation is a superb survey of the use of Christian iconography throughout the history of photography. From the Adoration at the birth of Jesus to the Last Supper to His descent from the Cross, the diversity of style and artistic interpretation of such deeply seated religious stories is astounding. Works by F. Holland Day, Julia Margaret Cameron, Duane Michals, Joel-Peter Witkin, Pierre et Gilles, Bettina Rheims, and Adi Nes among others are included. Perez's scholarship is matchless, as proven in his earlier survey of the history of photography in the Near East, which, unfortunately, is out-of-print.
ISBN: 185894225X
Publisher: Merrell Publishers
Hardcover : 224 pages
Language: English
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