Fay Godwin

Perfect Republic of Shepherds, A
by Robert Woof
Publisher's Description
'Fay Godwin comes, almost as Wordworth came, to look not only at Grasmere, but at the lot of farmers, the agriculturalists of today. She balances the image of the landscape, which still seems to us a kind of permanence, with the changing lives of the farmers. She brings the objective eye of the photographer, even as Wordsworth and Dorothy brought their objectivity to the Romantic projection which words such as 'paradise ' or 'permanence' impose upon the world of all of us, where, in Wordsworth's phrase, 'we find our happiness or not at all.' The dialogue between the permanent and the changing is present in these photographs and they carry on a tradition that Wordsworth himself would have found uplifting.'

-from the essay by Robert Woof
ISBN: 1870787307
Publisher: Wordsworth Trust
Paperback : 36 pages
Language: English
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