Oded Shimshon

Set Pieces Oded Shimshon
by Oded Shimshon
Publisher's Description
At various times between 1990 and 1993 Oded Shimshon drove a camper van through Derbyshire and Wales stopping to photograph places which simply appealed to him aesthetically. Using the van’s window and reveal as a mini stage-set, and choosing humble objects, fragments of wood, twigs, bottles and rusty nails, Shimshon created a series of still lives against the ever evolving rural and semi-industrial landscapes outside. Through this deliberate act of placing apparently prosaic objects against backgrounds ranging from the sinister to the sublime, Shimshon orchestrates a tension, humour and banality that only the act of serial photographic documentation can release. As Caryn Faure Walker suggests in her accompanying text, Providing a Context, “Set Pieces beckons us to wander on a plateau of open meanings, alert to analogies, calling them into attention at a given moment through our history and direct apprehension. Aware of, but not disarmed by, photographic fact”.
ISBN: 1872771076
Publisher: Ffotogallery
Paperback : 52 pages
Language: English
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