Masquerade - Women's Contemporary Portrait Photography
by Kate Newton
Publisher's Description
Masquerade includes ten photographic portfolios and seven newly commissioned writings, consciously using and re-evaluating the codes and traditions surrounding photographic portraiture. Masquerade includes: Catriona Grant's seductive portraits of adolescent boys; Kathe Kowalski's heart rendering, unflinchingly honest portraits of her mother's battle with Altzeimers; Laurie Long's staged tableaux re-enacting the story lines of fictional girl detective Nancy Drew, blurring fact, fiction and childhood memory; and Trish Morrissey's challenge to the female stereotype with her WWM series. The photographs and texts sit as separate but complimentary voices, the seven essays offering a variety of investigations including Sandra Matthews' discussion of multiple narratives and the significance of a cultural collective through the work of four American artists; Caryn Faure Walker addressing the social and demographic implications of mass portraiture and Jane Fletcher arguing against a simplistic understanding of the power relationship between photographer and sitter, suggesting an alternative, more complex awareness. Masquerade Photographers: Beth Yarnelle Edwards, Catriona Grant, Kathe Kowalski, Laurie Long, Trish Morrissey, Magali Nougarede, Sarah Pucill, Zineb Sedira, Marla Sweeney and Miranda Walker Masquerade Writers: Mark Durden, Jane Fletcher, Rachel Gear, Paul Jobling, Sandra Matthews, Jane Tormey, and Caryn Faure Walker. Masquerade is a provocative and lavishly illustrated publication which flags up a new pictorialism in contemporary photography and is an essential read for anyone interested in current debates around portraiture and its powerful representation via photography.
ISBN: 187277136X
Publisher: Ffotogallery
Paperback : 136 pages
Language: English
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