Streetwise: Masters of 60s Photography (English and Spanish Edition)
by Deborah Klochko
Publisher's Description
Streetwise: Masters of 60's Photography builds on what Swiss photographer Robert Frank began with his new 'snapshot aesthetic,' which was brought to the foreground with the domestic release of his ground breaking book The Americans, in January 1960. His focus on a more personal documentary style would influence a new generation of photographers: Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, Jerry Berndt, Ruth-Marion Baruch, Garry Winogrand, Bruce Davidson, Danny Lyon, and Ernest Withers.

Intent on redefining the nation based on what they saw, documentary photographers were increasingly concerned with revealing a more realistic, sometimes dire, but always challenging view of an America undergoing change. Ranging from the 'outlaw culture' of bikers and chain gangs; Boston's red light district known as the Combat Zone; Black Panthers; the gritty streets and neighborhoods of New York; the politically charged South; to the darker sub-cultures photographed by Diane Arbus. Many of these photographers spent time with their subjects and wanted their photographs to represent the larger narrative of actual events.
ISBN: 187806200X
Publisher: Museum of Photographic Arts
Hardcover : 134 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.1 x 11 x 0.9 inches
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