Susan McCartney

Travel Photography: A Complete Guide to How to Shoot and Sell
by Susan Mccartney
Publisher's Description
The New York Times says, "The world that Susan McCartney sees is more exciting than the one the rest of us see. She is not just a photographer but a world traveler. . . ." In this invaluable guide, McCartney shares her rich experience as a writer and photographer in far away places. Included are chapters on photography techniques, such as exposure, metering, films, filters, and gels; as well as tips on self-promotion, arranging a travel shoot, and special markets such as magazines and tourism photography. Three chapters outline travel possibilities in the Americas, Europe and Africa, and Asia and the Pacific. This guide is enjoyable reading for anyone who likes to photograph while traveling.
ISBN: 1880559005
Publisher: Allworth Press
Paperback : 384 pages
Language: English
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