Ruth Bernhard

Ruth Bernhard: The Collection of Ginny Williams
by Ruth Bernhard
Publisher's Description
Light, shadow and shape are elements that Ruth Bernhard believes are tools that allow her to express and communicate with the life force present in all things. These ideals become evident through the photographs superbly reproduced in this monograph which represents, primarily, vintage prints collected from Bernhard by gallery owner Ginny Williams. Included are early still lifes as well as the now famous nudes. "Bringing together the Bernhard Collection has been a labor of love for me and one of the finest efforts of my career. The range of Ruth's vision never varies in its excellence or commonality of form, light, and simple elegance. These elements, to me, are the crux of Ruth's art. She is the last of that group who paved the way for photographers to be recognized as artists-seeing rather than recording."--Ginny Williams.
ISBN: 1881138046
Publisher: Tallgrass Press
Hardcover : 95 pages
Language: English
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