Passage to Vietnam: Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers
by Jennifer Erwitt
Publisher's Description
This elegant, large-format book is an intimate look at the people of Vietnam by over 70 photographers from 23 nations who photographed there for one week in 1994.
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A fascinating look at an ancient nation in the midst of dramatic change. Spectacular photographs and a detailed text present an intimate and comprehensive look at Vietnam. To create this unusual portrait, 70 photographers from fourteen countries were given unprecedented access to a country that is just now emerging from decades of war and isolationism.

Magnum photographer Bruno Barbey rides along with thousands of pilgrims down the Swallow River to the Perfume Pagoda. Pulitzer Prize-winner Jay Dickman travels to the northern highlands, where he photographs the ancient Hmong tribe. And former Life photographer Kick Swanson goes back to Vietnam for the first time since the war, photographing its lingering effects on the people of the Quang Tri Province.

The photographs are complemented by captions written by Fortune magazine editor Colin Leinster. In addition, noted travel writer Pico Iyer shares his impressions of a country just awakening from twenty years of isolation. Pulitzer Prize-winner Stanley Karnow explores the long struggle the Vietnamese have waged to preserve their homeland. And Vietnam Investment Review correspondent Peter Saidel gives an insider's look at Vietnam as socialism and commerce meet face to face.

ISBN: 1885559003
Publisher: Against All Odds Productions
Hardcover : 224 pages
Language: English
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