American Photography 20
by American Photography
Publisher's Description
American Photography is a time capsule in the making, reflecting the world we inhabit and imagine. For two decades, this important photography annual has presented 'The Year in Pictures'-a collection of images that explores the state of the medium, the state of the world, even a state of mind. Selected by a jury of outstanding publishing and design professionals, the collection characterizes the prevailing mood of the year and of the photographers who witnessed it. This year's collection demonstrates the power of photography as an art form, as a communicator, and as a persuader. Whether editorial, journalistic, promotional, or personal, the photographs in Volume 20 convey the notion that a necessary correction has occurred in the way we apprehend visual information, and that a hunger for photographic truth is in the wind. Regarded by creative professionals as the number one source for the best talent in the field, Volume 20 of this large-format, strikingly designed and beautifully printed hardcover annual brings emerging photographers together with an exciting crop of newcomers and students.
ISBN: 188621221X
Publisher: Amilus, Inc
Hardcover : 384 pages
Language: English
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