Century Of Artists' Books, The
by Johanna Drucker
Publisher's Description
Johanna Drucker's The Century of Artists' Books is the seminal full-length study of the development of artists' books as a 20th-century art form. By situating artists' books within the context of mainstream developments in the visual arts, Drucker raises critical and theoretical issues as well as providing a historical overview of the medium. Within its pages, she explores more than two hundred individual books in relation to their structure, form, and conceptualization. This latest edition of the book features a new preface by Drucker and includes an introduction by New York Times senior art critic Holland Cotter.
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The first full-length analysis of the development of artists' books as a 20th-century art form, this book explores more than 200 titles: their structure, form, and conceptualization. In this detailed examination of the works of many well-known book artists and publishers, such as William Blake, Marcel Duchamp, and Max Ernst, Johanna Drucker discusses the poetics of the book, the book as a metaphor, and books as narrative and non-narrative sequences, as in Ernst's surreal collage books. Covering the historical, theoretical, sociological, and technical aspects of the artist's book, Drucker, a printer, writer, and scholar who has been making artist's books since 1972, presents a comprehensive study of the medium within every significant modern art movement, from early 20th-century avant-garde, dadaism, and surrealism to the present.
ISBN: 1887123695
Publisher: Granary Books
Paperback : 378 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 5.9 x 8.9 x 1.1 inches
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