Visionaire #44: Toys Red
by Kid Robot
Publisher's Description
Just in time for the holidays, Visionaire, the fashion and art publication extraordinaire, enters the world of toy manufacturing. But this ain't no Hasbro enterprise. For their 44th issue, Visionaire has collaborated with vanguard toy wizard Kidrobot to create an original Visionaire soft vinyl toy, and then further collaborated with 10 fashion designers-including Donatella Versace, Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabanna, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, and Viktor & Rolf-to customize the toy into 10 different characters. The issue is released in two sets of 5 toys, but each set contains photographs of all 10 characters. The characters and booklets are packaged inside an opaque molded plastic case. Kidrobot is the world's premier creator of limited edition art toys designed by world-renowned artists with backgrounds in graffiti, industrial design, fine art, graphic design, illustration, and music. This issue marks the first time Kidrobot has entered the world of fashion and the first time Visionaire has entered the world of toys. Christmas present, anyone?
ISBN: 1888645466
Publisher: Visionaire Publishing
Paperback Language: English
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