Visionaire No. 45: More Toys Yellow
by Visionaire
Publisher's Description
With the success of Issue #44: Toys, Visionaire releases Issue #45: More Toys, featuring a whole new roster of international fashion designers. Once again testifying that Visionaire is never bound to any traditional format, this issue is a collaboration with toy masters Kidrobot. Here, 10 original Visionaire toys have been customized into 10 unique characters by 10 fashion designers. The designs are silkscreened. The issue is released as two color-coded sets of five toys; each set contains photos of all 10 characters in an accordion-fold catalogue, along with a set of accessories that the toys can hold, including a toy cell phone, martini, flower, and camera.

Collectors Note: Very limted supply.
ISBN: 1888645520
Publisher: Visionaire Publishing, LLC
Toy Language: English
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