Mario Testino

Visionaire No. 46: Uncensored
by Mario Testino
Publisher's Description
Photographer and guest curator Mario Testino uncovers all in this new edition of Visionaire devoted to sex. Widely known for his iconic fashion images and celebrity portraits, Testino is also an avid collector of contemporary art. Here, he chooses a selection of provocative and often graphic pieces by artists such as Ghada Amer, Cecily Brown, Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin, Angus Fairhurst, Sarah Lucas, Vik Muniz, Thomas Ruff, and Lisa Yuskavage.

Testino pushes the envelope by including in this issue of the limited edition quarterly a parcel containing five of his own previously unpublished photographic prints. In addition, you can expect Visionaire's trademark boundary-breaking design, plus the extras, in this case, a silk-screened Plexiglas case containing a hardcover book of both color and black-and-white images as well as customized tactile inserts including latex, embroidery, embossing, and a swatch of supermodel Gisele’s bedsheets. In other words, sex isn’t just for reproductions.

Because of the too-hot-to-handle contents, Uncensored also comes with a discretionary warning: 'This issue of Visionaire contains graphic images of a sexual nature. If you find this kind of material offensive, you should not purchase it.' If you don’t, though, you should.

Plexiglas box with hardcover book.
ISBN: 1888645547
Publisher: Visionaire Publishing, LLC
Hardcover : 100 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 12.9 x 16.3 x 2 inches
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