Visionaire No. 51: Harmony Black
by Visionaire
Publisher's Description
The next limited edition issue of the deluxe fashion quarterly, Visionaire, comes in the form of two sets of enigmatic, giant puzzles, with each set containing six puzzles and each puzzle measuring three feet tall by three feet wide. For the issue, the editors asked 12 artists to share a secret that could only be revealed with an image. The answer to the riddle can only be answered by assembling the puzzle and discovering the image, whether a giant portrait, a life-sizes animal, an abstract artwork, an epic landscape or a close-up detail. Each puzzle consists of 25 puzzle pieces approximately 6.5 inches tall and wide. There are two distinct sets, each sold separately, and each containing six puzzles. Each set comes packaged inside an 8.5 x 8.5 inch sculptural cube.

Puzzles by Robert Wilson, Massimo Vitali, Vik Muniz, Richard Misrach, Yayoi Kusama, Maurizio Cattelan.
ISBN: 1888645652
Publisher: Visionaire Publishing, LLC
Hardcover Language: English
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