Visionaire No. 62 Rio, Beatriz Millhazes Case
Publisher's Description
Some years ago, an antique stereoscope was presented at one of Visionaire’s weekly brainstorm sessions, inspiring a maelstrom of ideas among the magazine’s editors. When the opportunity to focus an issue on Rio de Janeiro came along, Visionaire realized that stereoscopy provided the perfect format for the theme. A stereoscope allows the viewer to look at a slide made up of a simultaneous double-image of the same picture, creating a 3-D illusion of depth. In the nineteenth century, stereoscopes provided a primary source of imagery and news from faraway lands, and here, Visionaire 62: Rio takes a decidedly analogue approach to achieve the same mesmerizing effect, with a series of images by artists that interpret the city of Rio de Janeiro for 3-D viewing. The artists include Barraro, Miguel Rio Branco, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, Marcelo Krasilcic, Vik Muniz, Eli Sudbrack and Adriana Varejão. The issue comes with a stereoscope designed by Visionaire in collaboration with the product design company Aruliden, which is packaged together with the slides inside a lenticular case. The issue comes in two different cases, designed by two of Brazil’s most famous artists: a 3-D lenticular case by Fernando and Humberto Campana (Campana Brothers); and a mobile lenticular case by Beatriz Milhazes.
ISBN: 1888645954
Publisher: Visionaire
Paperback Language: English
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