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Single Exposures: Random Observations on Photography, Art & Creativity
by Brooks Jensen
Publisher's Description
A collection of one-page essays transcribed from Brooks Jensen's audio blog on the LensWork website, these writings are the result of years of accumulated wisdom that - until they found their outlet in Jensen's online musings - existed only as scattered notes plastered on the walls of his office. The colleced essays are the result of conversations with photographers and readers, fleeting observations on the nature of the work that crosses the editorial desk, and personal insights into the form and function of photography. Maintaining the conversatonal tone of the original recordings, the book guides the reader through seemingly disconnected ruminations in an attempt to motivate, inspire, challenge, and provoke the reader - all in order to spark the spirit of exploration and discovery that Jensen considers essential to the creative process.

A partial list of topics from the book:
Ages Of The Photographers; How Protozoans Led Me To Ansel Adams; The Motivation Of A Deadline; Book Remainders At Chapters; The Medium Is Only The Medium; The More Things Change The More Things Change; The Primary Medium Of Photography; Old Negatives; Who Soups The Prints; Paul Strand, Galileo And The Ellipse; If The Negative Really Is The Score; How The Medium Determines The Answer; Taking Versus Making; The Perfect Photograph; The Gift By Lewis Hyde; Signing Your Prints; Artspeak; Illustrated Letters; Photography Is Not About Light; The Alternative Resource; Separating The World You Work In From The World In Your Photograph; Feedback About Your Work; Another Museum In Financial Crisis; Thinking In Sets Of Three; Be Careful What You Ask For, You Might Get It; The Key To The Creative Life; Everyone Collects Something; Web Presses, Sheet-Fed Presses And Image Quality In Magazines; Duotone Printing; Goals; Ryoanji; Some Things Change, Some Stay The Same; It's Just What You Get Used To; A Legacy In Our Photographs; Resistance To A Lesson From Tokugawa Japan; Abstracts Don't Sell; Organization; Being Introduced As A Photographer; Images On The Monitor Or TV Screen; Daily, Focused Discipline; Warm Tone Prints; Explaining Artwork Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing; The Sketch Exercise; Looking Deeply.
ISBN: 1888803282
Publisher: Lenswork Pub
Paperback : 192 pages
Language: English
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