Brett Weston

Fifteen Photographs
by Brett Weston
Publisher's Description
Brett Weston's fourth portfolio, Fifteen Photographs is the first not tangibly “located” in place or time as is San Francisco, White Sands, and New York; rather, it is, in effect, a retrospective exhibition because Weston selected the photographs from his entire oeuvre going back to 1934, when he was just twenty-three.

The fifteen pictures include macrocosmic landscapes with recognizable deep space and horizons, microcosmic landscapes, or “elegant bits” of nature, as Brett was fond of calling them, and man-made subjects that are usually close-ups. This portfolio also contains a number of renditions of virtually flat subjects that can rightly be called abstractions.
ISBN: 1888899417
Publisher: Lodima Press
Paperback : 44 pages
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