PASSION AND PRECISION : Photographs from the Collection of Margaret W. Weston
by Margaret W. Weston
Publisher's Description
The Monterey peninsula, down the coast from San Francisco, has long been connected to some of the most prominent names in American photography, including Carleton Watkins, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, Minor White, and of course Edward Weston. Margaret W. 'Maggi' Weston, recently divorced from Edward's son Cole, was encouraged by Adams in the 1970s to open the Weston Gallery, which she mortgaged her house to fill with Adams' last prints. Steeped in photographic history, with a passion for superb images, Maggi became a savvy dealer and an ardent collector, snapping up prints that today would sell for five or six figures, and finding in New York and London photo auctions the works of Paul Strand, Bill Brandt, Tina Mondotti, and pioneering European photographers like William Henry Fox Talbot and Julia Margaret Cameron. This catalog offers 60 reproductions of exceptional platinum, gelatin silver, gum bichromate, and albumen prints from the first hundred years of photography.
ISBN: 1891586114
Publisher: Monterey Museum of Art
Paperback Language: English
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