Kenro Izu

Kenro Izu: Still Life
by Kenro Izu
Publisher's Description Review
In this stunning collection of still-life flowers and figures, photographer Kenro Izu's black and white images reveal the hidden nature of life's complex beauty. Instilled with the meditative quality and precision of a Japanese garden, these high-contrast pictures evoke an emotional and visceral response. Although beauty is captured on every page, there are also elements of tragedy in the brief glimpses of life that slowly succumb to decay. Izu's work strives to capture the disappearing moments following idealized perfection. Here, time is the subject of each photograph, showing the power of subtle degeneration. The metaphors of life, death, and decay also point to our own fate, as shown in the scrutiny of human forms. Izu's special process of using a custom-made camera to produce unusually large 14-by-20-inch negatives for platinum prints produces images with amazing clarity and detail. The exposed form and texture of skin and flowers cannot hide the blemished and deteriorating idiosyncrasies of the subjects. With his refined vision, Kenro Izu's images offer insight and invite introspection. --Lucas Hilbert
ISBN: 1892041022
Publisher: Arena Editions
Hardcover : 55 pages
Language: English
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