Véronique Vial

Wings: Backstage With Cirque Du Soleil!!!
by Veronique Vial
Publisher's Description
The circus is a tradition of the antiquities, parading mystery and imagination, spectacle and humor, throughout the civilized world. For fifteen years, Le Cirque du Soleil has almost single-handedly revitalized this tradition. Wings, Vial's second portrait of the circus, presents a behind the scenes look at the personalities and performers that only deepens the sense of intrigue propelled this circus to international acclaim.
Amazon.com Review
Who hasn't reveled in the dream of running away to join the circus? This collection of stunning photographs will delight and inspire anyone who has always wanted to cast away the day-to-day and fly through dark and twinkling skies, defying gravity (and other rules). Photographer Veronique Vial has captured the essence of the circus immemorial. In the 83 black-and-white plates, we are privy to the world of the performers, some still in character and some not, some in a nonchalant mood while others playfully engage the camera. The images--strange, beautiful, and spectacular--epitomize the allure of the Cirque du Soleil. Turning the pages, one can hear the music filling the tent, and feel the awe and anticipation of the performance. --Elise Tissot
ISBN: 1892041103
Publisher: Tondo Books
Hardcover : 151 pages
Language: English
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