The Jazz Pictures
by Stanley Crouch
Publisher's Description
Since 1978, Friedman has elegantly documented the personalities of American Jazz music. Her images, always portraits, seek the musical core--the essential style--residing in the spirit of her subjects, enveloping them in a rich tradition of great Jazz photographs and great Jazz personas.
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Carol Friedman's jazz photography is, for the most part, composed of stylishly rendered studio portraits--but her art goes far beyond mere documentation. She strips her subjects of props and unnatural poses, leaving the viewer with intimate renderings of musicians, alone. Friedman loves to get in close (both literally and figuratively), and tight shots dominate this collection. This up-close-and-personal perspective puts the reader eyeball to eyeball with the giants of America's jazz tradition. From this perspective, we are able to read between the lines etched on these faces and, somehow, learn a little more about our subjects. What's the mischievous force bending a grin into Sun Ra's cheeks? What are the deep thoughts blowing stormy across Ron Carter's brow? What is the combination of emotions that radiates from Charles Brown, making him seem so warm, so soulful? These are the wonderful questions at the heart of Friedman's utterly captivating work--perhaps not so coincidentally, these are also the questions that inhabit the soul of jazz. --S. Duda
ISBN: 1892041111
Publisher: Arena Editions
Hardcover : 203 pages
Language: English
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