Fergus Greer

Leigh Bowery Looks: Photographs by Fergus Greer 1988-1994
by Mariuccia Cassadio
Publisher's Description
'Leigh Bowery was clearly one of the most eye-poppingly extraordinary figures of our time' -Martin Gayford, The Daily Telegraph

This book is the definitive and indispensable guide to the unique looks designed, and, in these photographs, worn by Leigh Bowery. One of Britain's most heroically ambitious yet underappreciated designers and performance artists, Bowery remains an inspiration to many contemporary fashion designers, though few are willing to admit it. In Leigh Bowery Looks you can see why: it contains 300 previously unpublished photographs of Bowery, an extraordinary body of work that was the outcome of his collaboration with British photographer Fergus Greer between 1988 and 1994, the year of Bowery's death.
ISBN: 1900828197
Publisher: Violette Editions
Hardcover : 175 pages
Language: English
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