Barry Thornton

Edge of Darkness: The Art, Craft and Power of the High Definition Monochrome Photograph
by Barry Thornton
Publisher's Description
Written in a personal narrative style, Thornton takes the b&w practitioner on a carefully guided tour whose goal is a finely crafted monochrome print. Richly illustrated throughout, Edge of Darkness delivers what it promises. Review
British photographer Barry Thornton has spent a lifetime devoted to black and white photography. He shares his warehouse of technical savvy in Edge of Darkness: The Art, Craft, and Power of the High-Definition Monochrome Photograph. If you have at least a working knowledge of basic photography, then you'll find this book to be full of helpful advice. Thornton has an immense amount of how-to wisdom and covers topics including focusing, lighting, tripods, printing, and much more. It is a precise book with incredible attention to detail.

The wealth of informative tips are illustrated with Thornton's photographs. Beautiful and rich landscapes so varied and full of depth that they create their own universe of monochromatic color. A stunning torrent of water crisp enough to be a cascade of crystal beads. Close-ups that feel like they were shot through a magnifying glass. Many students of photography see black and white pictures as a mere step on the way to the wonderful world of color. Thornton, on the other hand, reveres the traditions and possibilities of this medium and reveals monochromatic pictures to be a pinnacle of photography. This serious manual is a sure way to improve a burgeoning photographer's technical expertise. The book has 200 black-and-white illustrations. --J.P. Cohen

ISBN: 1902538099
Publisher: Argentum
Paperback : 128 pages
Language: English
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