Leni Riefenstahl

The Last of the Nuba
by Leni Riefenstahl
Publisher's Description
This book is a long-awaited reprint of a hard-to-find gem. The book that brought Riefenstahl back into public view, The Last of the Nuba is her intimate portrait of the Nuba, a peaceful and unique people who live in the Central Sudan, in Africa. Between 1962 and 1969, Riefenstahl lived intermittently among the tribes, creating what is now a lasting document of their disappearing ways of life. Riefenstahl, best known for her documentaries Triumph of the Will and Olympia, uses the same sense of acute observation in this work, imbuing the images with a powerful and moving humanity.
ISBN: 0312136420
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Hardcover Language: English
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