Fabio Paleari

by Fabio Paleari
Publisher's Description
"This photographic trail around the Medina is rich and unpredictable. It brings us a rare sequence of the Gnawa Lila party- an extraordinary night time procession which combines colour, music and trance in a manner seen nowhere else on earth. This is an exquisite account of the rare uncharted side of Marrakech and Morocco. Etienne Li's essay pivots around his fascination with this place and his engagement with Gnawa tradition; Alain d'Hooge's introduction provides a broad, insightful view of the vulture. The book is filled with electricity and colour, presenting Morocco at its most vibrant. Photographs Morocco at its most vibrant. Photographs from the book were a part of the acclaimed 'Desir du Maroc' exhibition." -the publisher.
ISBN: 1903391105
Publisher: Westzone Pub Ltd
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: English
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