Maia: Prometheus (Stonewall Inn Book/Photographer Series)
by Marcello Maia
Publisher's Description
Marcello Maia explores the formal qualities of the black male nude, in lyrical and warm photographs.
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Since the mid-'70s, the gay male nude has become an ever-present symbol of gay culture. From porn magazines to Herb Ritts museum exhibits, the gay body is on display everywhere. Brazilian photographer Marcelo Maia's new collection Prometheus is a fine, bold collection of nude studies of African American men. In a short introduction Maia frames this collection in political terms, discussing the importance of skin color in racism and a whole host of other injustices, but the photos speak for themselves. Lyrical, moving, and dramatically composed, Maia's work challenges the standard cultural expectations to which African American nudes have been held. Beautifully produced, Prometheus is a fine collection by a noted gay artist.
ISBN: 0312151667
Publisher: St Martins Pr
Hardcover : 48 pages
Language: English
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