Phil Collins

Phil Collins: I Only Want You To Love Me
by Sinisa Mitrovi
Publisher's Description
I Only Want You To Love Me is the result of a six-month commission undertaken by Phil Collins in Brighton, England, as part of the first Brighton Photo Biennial. This first book by the artist brings together a diverse range of images, unfolding as an intimate, diaristic account of Collins' life and work, allowing the viewer to engage in the artist's ongoing ideas and production processes. Collins' sees a fundamental importance in photography’s ability to bring people together: his artistic practice is in some ways incidental, a mechanism that allows him to establish relationships with others on the most basic level. His portraiture rests on delicate and intimate exchanges that arise in face of the ambiguous presence of the camera, and his photographs are at once beautiful, personal and contentious. Collins carefully records his relationships with ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances-refugees, asylum seekers, support workers, close friends, and brief acquaintances-making poignant and personal connections between far-flung places, from Brighton, New York City, and Belfast to Kosovo, Palestine, and Serbia.
ISBN: 1903796091
Publisher: Photoworks/Brighton Photo Biennial
Paperback : 120 pages
Language: English
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