Giorgio Palmera

Giorgio Palmera: The Wall
by Giorgio Palmera
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Giorgio Palmera’s panoramic images of the wall being built through the West Bank show a grey, impenetrable presence that palls the horizons, fencing in spaces, and consciences, as infinite as the sky. This is a barrier that separates physically, slicing villages and lives in half, but as importantly crushing relationships. Families are separated by the wall, fathers that are forced to live 'on the other side' and are unable to see their children. Farmers forced to wait endlessly at checkpoints so they can reach their crops and livestock and return home in the evening. Still the wall crashes on, through school playgrounds, houses, streets, fields and streets. 'The soldiers came back and based themselves on the roof (of my house), building a room. They put tents and videocameras,' says one Palestinian. 'I have a daughter and a sister that are married and they are in Baka al Gharbie. We see each other (only) from the window or from the terrace. Today, exactly an hour ago, my daughter started making banging noises on metal. We know that is the sound of one of us trying to get in touch: my sister, my daughter or my son. We go upstairs and that is how we see each other. She can't come to our place nor can we go to hers.' A DVD documentary on The Wall / Al-Jidar by Aldo Anselmino is included with the book.
ISBN: 1904563376
Publisher: Trolley
Paperback : 96 pages
Language: English
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