Unseen: British Press Photographers' Association
by British Press Photographers' Association
Publisher's Description
NOTE: The production of this book has been canceled by the publisher

Unseen presents the best of all unpublished photographs taken and selected by the members of the BPPA. Images that were overlooked by picture editors because of lack of space, technical problems, a political decision, or editorial taste. The images in Unseen communicate a diverse blend of tender, terrifying, moving, funny, and controversial stories about people and places around the world, and crucial moments in contemporary history. This book presents pictures in many ways as striking and memorable as their published counterparts, but incredibly, discovered here for the first time.

The British Press Photographers Association (BPPA) was founded in 1984 by UK press photographers to promote and inspire the highest ethical, technical and creative standards from within the profession. The BPPA provides its members with a voice to raise awareness and appreciation of their industry. The membership of over 700 is drawn from every part of the country, and represents the broadest selection of newspaper, magazine and agency photographers.
ISBN: 1904563880
Publisher: Trolley
Paperback : 196 pages
Language: English
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