Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Louise Dahl-Wolfe: A photographer's scrapbook
by Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Publisher's Description
One of the great fashion photographers of the thirties to the fifties, Louise Dahl-Wolfe worked for Harper's Bazaar during its heyday. She pioneered the use of natural light with many of the photographs being made out-of-doors. Included in this scrapbook of insights and anecdotes are her portraits of Auden, Lombard, Welles, McCullers, Hopper, Colette and others, along with some of her most famous cover and fashion shots. "Louise Dahl-Wolfe was the definition of elegance and beauty. She led the way out of the European tradition into the supremacy of American fashion photography."--Richard Avedon.
ISBN: 0312499116
Publisher: St. Martin's/Marek
Hardcover : 145 pages
Language: English
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