by Martin Parr
Publisher's Description
Martin Parr has been a dedicated collector of the humble photographic postcard for 35 years, and this book is the final word on the best of his collection of 20,000 cards. Featuring 750 cards within 21 themed chapters, the book is both a serious personal study of postcard history from the British postcard boom of 1900–18 to the present, and an eccentric and entertaining journey through the 20th century. With images that range from the banal to the sublime, Postcards accompanies the exhibition 'Parrworld', curated by Thomas Weski at Munich’s Haus der Kunst.

The book is introduced by Weski with an essay about the history of the postcard and the influential role of postcard photography on Parr’s work as a photographer.
ISBN: 1905712103
Publisher: Chris Boot
Hardcover : 333 pages
Language: English
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