Ed Templeton

Drinking the Kool-Aid
by Ed Templeton
Publisher's Description
At once skater, photographer, illustrator and painter, Ed’s work merges these activities on a level and democratic field of subculture art.

Templeton’s use and mingling of multiple mediums (painting and/or writing on photographs, etc.) demonstrates his non-hierarchical approach, whilst his subject-matter in turn reflects an non-judgemental perspective of his surroundings. With subject-matter not only delving into his personal relationships, but seeking the outside streets and the activities surrounding the skate culture, Templeton reveals a phantasmagoria of images contextualising a broader vision of contemporary youth culture.

Drinking The Kool-Aid brings together a selection of Templeton’s work and is also entirely designed and edited by Templeton. The viewer engages with the booklet via numerous fold-outs, posters, and trimmed pages. Templeton has essentially materialised his own flexibility and agility of mediums through the book format, creating an exceptionally original piece of work!

ISBN: 1907071202
Publisher: Morel Books
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