Asger Carlsen

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by Asger Carlsen
Publisher's Description
“Based on a true story” Asger Carlsen’s series of haunting and disturbing images denote a twisted world in daily happenings.

In some cases subtly surreal and in other blatantly blasted with a dystopian hallucinations, Asger's work is visionary and original.

By employing a traditionally black and white documentary aesthetic, Wrong peers past reality into a parallel existence.

If on this side of the looking glass we are immersed by the simulacrum's clean artifice of advertorial images, 'Wrong' has broke through the looking glass into a parallel visual culture, thus creating strikingly original images as well as commenting on the current trend of photographic culture.

ISBN: 1907071229
Publisher: Morel Books
Paperback : 98 pages
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