Teller Magazine: 1
by Ruby Russell
Publisher's Description
Teller is a new magazine, based in London and Berlin, that foregrounds visual material alongside new writing to tell brilliant stories. Contributions are drawn from any medium or discipline that can tell a story on the printed page. They may report a real event, or be works of pure fiction. Often they are both and neither, combining fact and invention, documentation and imagination. Teller’s editors believe in the value of a publication picked up for pure enjoyment, and that intelligent ideas don’t need to be obscure. Focusing first and foremost on the universal appeal of a good story well told, Teller is both thought-provoking and a pleasure to read. In issue 1 we unearth the work of Charles Trotter from the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum archive. A commercial photographer based in Nairobi in the 1950s, his not-so-commercial reportage of high society casts a critical eye over colonial decadence. Flavie Guerrand’s photographs shot at allnighters in Paris and Berlin present a narrative of the ultimate party, and an altogether more sympathetic portrait of hedonism. Other stories include Julia Hayes’s commemoration of a cleansing ritual held by 1930s London slum-dwellers, a savage tale of mortality by writer Lee Scrivner, and Swedish artist Nina Mangalanayagam’s exploration through words and images of the complex cultural identity of her Tamil family in Europe.
ISBN: 1907112243
Publisher: Trolley Books
Paperback : 64 pages
Language: English
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