Jason Evans

by Jason Evans
Publisher's Description
The images in NYLPT are drawn from one body of work, collected in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, in discrete digital and analogue forms. Jason Evans is preoccupied with the tradition of street photography as an aesthetically colonised form, with precedents resilient to re-interpretation; he says, “Sometimes you visit a place and it looks exactly as you expected it to. Like it does in pictures or on TV or at the movies. A feeling of nostalgia for something you’ve never known can close down the magic of presence.”

NYLPT is a result of Evans’ compulsive visual collecting alongside an informed and intuitive focus that frames reoccurring motifs in a process-driven work. Evans invests in chance, luck and persistence, randomly layering exposures on film in camera; what emerges are delightful surprises – the reward for not thinking too much – and a visual thinking matter that is both familiar and strange.
ISBN: 1907946292
Publisher: Mack
Paperback : 160 pages
Language: English
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