Noel Kerns

Nightwatch - Painting with Light
by Noel Kerns
Publisher's Description
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Noel Kerns is a Texas-based photographer who specializes in capturing ghost towns, decommissioned military bases, and industrial abandonments by night. His images incorporate tow distinct photographic techniques: time-exposure by the natural light of a full moon, and the artful application of artificial light, vividly 'painted' into the scene while the camera's shutter is open. Nightwatch: Painting with Light is the first book from Kerns, one of the world's foremost practitioners of the art of light-painting. Join him as he ventures into the darkness of the American Southwest, exploring remote desert ghost towns under a full moon, or prowling the abandoned, seemingly post-apocalyptic structures of American's industrial wastelands. In his photographs, Kerns captures the world surreal: flowing cloud-streaks in a night sky, the laser-like light trails of cars racing by on a highway, a raging ocean shoreline rendered eerily calm through long exposure.
ISBN: 1908211024
Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture
Hardcover : 254 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches
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