Olaf Holzapfel

Olaf Holzapfel: Nakano Sakaue (English and German Edition)
by Olaf Holzapfel
Publisher's Description
German photographer Olaf Holzapfel became fascinated, during a residency in Tokyo, with a “city within the city” – yellow bumps and grooves on the ground that form a guidance system for blind people walking with canes. Holzapfel contrasts photographs from the Nakano Sakaue rail station with other images of Tokyo for a photo essay that art historian Andreas Spiegl characterizes as a “geography that … describes perception as a territory – the view of the visible and the imaginary.” This embossed hardcover blends rich color photographs, dominated by the (in)visible yellow lines that traverse Tokyo, with black-and-white images of what were originally garishly colored scenes, reinforcing the contrast between the seen and the unseen worlds of Tokyo.
ISBN: 1933128658
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Hardcover : 112 pages
Language: English
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