Color Management in Digital Photography: Ten Easy Steps to True Colors in Photoshop
by Brad Hinkel
Publisher's Description
Color management is one of the essential elements, yet major stumbling blocks in digital photography. The vast majority of digital photographers really wish they didn't have to be concerned with color management, yet the basic process of moving images from capture to print becomes impractical without it. And the more sophisticated the photography workflow becomes, the more important it is to manage colors from capture to print.

In this book, Brad Hinkel simplifies the language of color management. It is based on classes and workshops the author has given to hundreds of students of digital photography. His process for color management is intended to provide enough information to create a simple and effective system allowing the user to get on with photography - focus on creativity instead of technology. However, the fact that this book suggests a simple approach to color management does not mean it sacrifices quality and effectiveness. Simpler is usually better - if it works.
ISBN: 1933952024
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Paperback : 152 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 8 inches
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